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Welcome to the

LIFE BELOW WATER SYMPOSIUM An Oceans and Environment &Water Quality and Health Network Partnered Event

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Welcome to the Life Below Water Conference 2023

A partnered initiative with Oceans and Environment and the Water Quality and Health Network

There is a continuous deterioration of coastal waters owing to pollution, and ocean acidification is having an adversarial effect on the functioning of ecosystems and biodiversity.

The ocean makes up 71% of the planet and provides many services to human communities from mitigating weather extremes to generating the oxygen we breathe, from producing the food we eat to storing the excess carbon dioxide we generate. Rainwater, drinking water, climate, weather, and oxygen are all provided and regulated by the sea

Climate change impacts of increasing greenhouse gas emissions threaten coastal and marine ecosystems through changes in ocean temperature and melting of ice, which in turn affect ocean currents, weather patterns, and sea level.

The meeting of Life below Water conferences addresses current challenges and brings together all disciplines who share the same vision and values for their sector, including Hydrologists, Technical Managers,  Environmental Consultants, Marine, and Ocean Scientists, Water Engineers, Waste Managers, Service providers, Marine & Ocean Engineers,​Water Auditors, Urban Water Managers, Researchers, and Councils.

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Bioremediation of Pollutants

Hydrocarbons, microplastics and PFAS

  • The effects of Petroleum hydrocarbons on marine environments

  • Microplastics in ecosystems - their implications and mitigation pathways and effect on water and aquatic systems

  • Recent advancements in hydrocarbon bioremediation and future challenges 

  • Environmental impact, health hazards, and plant-microbes synergism in remediation of emerging contaminants 

  • The removal of PFAS chemicals from contaminated water using Australian plants grown in a floating wetland.


Stormwater Management and Impacts on the Environment  

  • A Review of Pollutant Concentrations in Urban Stormwater Across Eastern Australia

  • Storm Water Management in WA  - Principles, objectives, key roles, and responsibilities


Climate change impacts on the ocean, stormwater and water.

Climate change impacts on; 

  •  The Ocean

The drivers and the implications of marine heatwaves

  • Stormwater 

Effects on stormwater reuse infrastructure due to climate change

  • Climate and Water

 Climate - Proofing WA.

WA's New Water Sources and sustainability programs to include groundwater, desalination, and wastewater 


Ocean - Water Desalination.

A Solution or a Problem?

Enhancing desalination processes to sustainably source water cost-effectively


Exploring how desalination can provide a clear solution to water scarcity and enable mines to be more resilient to adverse weather and climate change. Impact on communities and marine life and the need for a collaborative approach to a sustainable supply of clean water. 

Environmental Impacts of Seawater Desalination

A critical analysis of impacts, mitigation strategies, and greener desalination technologies

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