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About Us

Welcome to the Water Quality and Health Network, your premier resource for Water and Environmental Health Industry Events, Information, Education, and Commercial support dedicated to fostering connectivity and access to current and relevant information across Australia.

As a division of the multi-disciplinary organization Jazcorp Australia Pty Ltd, the Water Quality and Health Network has been serving the community since 2009 in WA and has rapidly expanded to Queensland and South Australia since 2017.

In collaboration with Local Government, Universities, Researchers, Industry Experts,  and Service Providers nationwide, our organization diligently researches each state's challenges, changes in policies, guidelines, and legislation. We communicate these updates, along with other industry-related topics of interest, through workshops, conferences, and seminars throughout the year.

The Water Quality and Environmental Health Network is committed to designing current, relevant, and solution-based event programs that:

  • Meet the professional development needs of the Water Industry, Oil and Gas, and Maritime Industry

  • Address industry challenges

  • Provide updated training and educational information

  • Connect service providers and resources offering compliant, innovative, and sustainable solutions

Headquartered in WA, the Water Quality and Health Network proudly boasts a national presence.

We extend a warm invitation to all to attend our events, stay informed, connected, and educated.

For further information, please contact 

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